INDONESIA HERBS CAMPPosted on January 9, 2018

Indonesia is a tropical country rich in biological resources. Various plants can grow well in Indonesia. These plants are used as seasonings and food ingredients. In addition to that, the plants are used to maintain health.

Universitas Kristen Maranatha Faculty of Medicine is interested in developing the use of the plants for disease prevention. Faculty of Medicine intends to hold Indonesian Herbs Camp for enthusiasts inside and outside the country. This camp consists of several activities such as the introduction of useful plants for diseases prevention and health maintaining, the practice of making food and drink from the plants and Bandung city tour.
The introduction of useful plants includes a visit to herb garden at Bumi Herbal Dago and Balitro, Bogor. The purpose of this event is to introduce a variety of useful plants for disease prevention and health maintaining in the form of food, drink and herbal potion as well as introducing the beauty of Bandung city. Besides that, the participants can explore Bandung and its culture through the city tour.

Participation fee
(For 10-20 participants) Each participant

  • Workshop USD 150
  • Meals and accommodation USD 350
    *This activity will be held with the minimum of 10 participants

Registration deadline 20 January 2018

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