A Semester Exchange at TUAF, VietnamPosted on May 16, 2018

Place:    Thai Nguyen University of Agriculture and Forestry, Vietnam

Period: First semester (August – December 2018)

Courses available:

  • Environmental Science and Management
  • Food Technology


Applicants must satisfy the following conditions:

  • Be a full-time undergraduate student at KMUTT.
  • Completed at least one-year study prior to the participation date.

See more details: Available Courses / Course Syllabus

How to apply:

  1. Fill in KMUTT Outbound Exchange Application Form and/ or other required documents.
  2. Consult your advisor about course registration. This is to make sure that the credits taken at the partner institutions can be accepted and transferred back to KMUTT.
  3. Submit KMUTT Outbound Exchange Application Form, along with other required documents to your department.
  4. Your department will screen out and submit the application package to KMUTT International Affairs Office (IA).
  5. IA will select, interview and nominate successful candidates to the partner institutions for their final consideration.
  6. IA will announce the result to the department and students.
  7. If accepted, students have to re-consult with their advisor on registration, while feel free to discuss on immigration and other administrative matters with IA.

Note: The exchange students are offered at TUAF as tuition fee waiver, free airport service, free accommodation at the International student dormitory and supports during the stay.

Important Dates

Due date of application submission to IA: Monday 18th June 2018 before 12.00 hrs.

Interview Date: Monday 25th June 2018 (Afternoon Session)

For more information: Contact IA, the 6th floor, The Office of the President Building, KMUTT or

please contact Mr. Nontanan E-mail: nontanan.rua@kmutt.ac.th Tel: 02470 8468

Students have a responsibility to carefully learn more details including complete and prepare all required documents by themselves.