CommTECH Camp Insight 2019 at ITS, Subaraya, IndonesiaPosted on August 17, 2018

Venue: Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember (ITS) Surabaya, Indonesia

Period of Activities: 23 Jan – 5 Feb 2019

Activities: CommTECH Camp Insight 2019 is presented as Project based Learning (PbL) program in which participants including university students, academics, and professionals from all over the world will have an opportunity to learn about the community and global issues especially ITS’s expertise in technology implementation within the society and Indonesia’s diverse heritage and culture through various aspects and fun activities. Under the theme “Solving Local Problems with Global Knowledge”, the program includes courses, visitation and discussion with government and non-government agencies, societal engagement, Indonesian language courses, learning traditional music and dances, visit to main tourist destinations, and tasting delicious Indonesian food.

CommTECH Camp Insight 2019 consists of 5 sub courses.

  1. Sub course A: Sociopreneurship in Action
  2. Sub course B: Designing and Building Energy-Efficient Car
  3. Sub course C: Introduction to Game Animation & Internet of Things
  4. Sub course D: Ship Navigation Safety and Risk Assessment of Ship Collision
  5. Sub course E: Exploring Indonesian and Art


  • Full Scholarship (for 10 participants)
  • 50% Scholarship (for 10 participants) – pay USD 800
  • Partial Scholarship (for 5 participants) – pay USD 1,000

The 14-day program fee is about 1, 600 USD, covering airport pick-up and drop-off, accommodation and all scheduled meals, local transportation, course material, workshop tools and materials such as fabrics, T-shirt and backpack, and site visits. Round-trip flight and health insurance are not part of the fee.

The nominated students will receive the partial support from KMUTT.

Qualification: Be KMUTT staff (lecturer, researcher and supporting staff) & students

Document for applying:

Note: The documents with are required by the host university, and the ones without is required by IA, KMUTT for an interview.

Deadline to submit the applicant documents: 21 July 2018 – 31 October 2018 at International Affairs Office, 6th floor of President’ Office Building

Appointment for an interview is on November 05, 2018.

For any further information, please see this link ( and the attached documents.

Or please contact Mr. Sutthisak E-mail: or Tel: 02470 8428