gPBL Interview Result AnnouncementPosted on August 29, 2018

To gPBL applicants,

The name list below is applicants passing the interview for gPBL program.

1. Ms. Nattharita Duangchuen
2. Ms. Wimonnat Sukpol
3. Mr. Danoo Khongyoo
4. Mr. Kunpot Banjongaxsorn
5. Mr. Soradhorn Koochaiyanon
6. Ms. Supassara Bowman
7. Mr. Chacharin Lertyosbotdin
8. Ms. Panassaya Boonruang
9. Ms. Nattanat Wimaluangtrakul2018 Application for gPBL (KMUTT)
10. Mr. Sukawat Penpokai
11. Ms. Sirorat Toocharoen (reserved)
Applicants mentioned above have to send additional documents as follows:
1. Pledge
2. Self recommendation form
3. GPA conversion tool to apply for JASSO Scholarship
4. Transcript (for applicant who have not sent it to IA office)
5. a copy of  passport
6. A portrait photo as jpeg
The mentioned additional document were attached below. If have any questions about filling in the documents, please contact Mr. Sutthisak Phakdee via email: or 024708428
NOTE. Deadline for sending every document is by September 1, 2018.
2018 Application for gPBL (KMUTT)