Pris Workshop: Edited by STEAM ProfessorsPosted on September 14, 2018

the motivational seminars presented by our invited speaker and trainer, Ms. Pris Lam from Sydney, Australia. Topics of her talk and venue is given below.

Topic 1: “Explore your passion”
Venue: SoAD Auditorium (BKT Campus)
Time and Date: 16:30-18:30, 14th September 2018

Topic 2: “How to Break the Barriers?”
Venue: SciConnect (Bangmod Campus)
Time and Date:  13:30-17:30, 17th September 2018

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to learn from our young inspiring trainer Ms. Pris Lam. She has been training youth leaders for over 6 years, and transformed the lives of youth with her motivational and impactful speeches globally.

Pris believes in creating personalized learning experiences and mobilizes the youth exceptionally well. Her mesmerizing personality will motivate you on key personal attributes including youth leadership, self-motivation and optimism. She will exclusively share with you how to dream big, take risks, focus on strengths and get breakthroughs to achieve desired goals and live prosperous life.

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Pris Biography:

I am a trainer, public speaker, and facilitation specialist based in Sydney, Australia.

With over 6 years of training and facilitation experience to youth and adult learners, my expertise in and enthusiasm for lifelong learning has led to my engagements across Asia Pacific with organizations such as The Asian Development Bank, Plan International, Danone Aqua, Telkomsel, and AIESEC.

My training and facilitation style focuses on positive experiential learning and internal motivation aligned education. I believe each individual has a unique story and learning style, and thus, use blended learning solutions to create personalized learning experiences.