2018 LunghwaTech Holiday SchoolPosted on December 3, 2018

This program is designed for high school students to learn Chinese and understand Chinese culture through lectures and cultural trips.
Participants   25  studentsPeriod 12 days (3rd – 13th January, 2019)
Program contents
– Basic Chinese Language Courses
– Special Lectures (Hand-on activities)
– Cultural Trips
– Lunghwa University provides funding for program fee, accommodation, and food.
– Students are required to pay for air ticket, insurance, and personal cost.
How to apply
– Fill in KMUTT application form (Please click link)
– Submit application documents to KMUTTIA Office, 6th floor, The office of the President by 7th December 2018 before 4.30 pm.
Required documents
– KMUTT application form
– CV or Resume
– Transcript in English
– Copy of passport
Saichon Bunsiriuafue Tel.8429  Email: saichon.bun@kmutt.ac.th
More information
Website: https://www.lhu.edu.tw/