Coupling Internship (CIS) 2019 at Osaka University, JapanPosted on May 15, 2019

Program duration: September 15 – 28, 2019

Introduction to the program:               

This program is based on paired activity with Japanese students. Participants will work on assignment and participate in the practical training and follow-up training at Japanese firm as a team together with Japanese students in order to experience manufacturing technology and Japanese culture of Japanese firm and improve communicational skills to achieve the goal through collaborative works with others.

Activity detail and schedule:

  • Day 1: Travel to the site
  • Day 2 & 3: Pre-trainings (Orientation, Business manners, Safety precautions)
  • Osaka University will give lectures on Japanese corporations, communications and provide chance for students to discuss about their assignments during the program.
  • Day 4 to 6: Practical training at the company
  • Participants will be divided into 2 groups to work on the assignment given by the company. Discussion will be hold after practical trainings among students of the same team.
  • Day 7 & 8 (or Saturday and Sunday): Discussion and Excursion (optional)
  • Day 9 & 10: Practical training at the company
  • Day 11 & 12: Follow-up trainings (preparing for the final presentation)
  • Students will be assigned to share their opinions and give feedbacks to each other, and prepare for the presentation on day 13.
  • Day 13: Final Presentation to the company and International exchange party
  • Two teams will separately make presentations for thirty to forty minutes respectivelyfollowed by Question and Answer sessions.
  • Day 14: Departure

Financial Support:

  1. Accommodation will be arranged by organizer to facilitate the discussion with teammate during the training.
  2. Participants will receive small allowance for each meal based on CIS travel regulation.

Qualifications for this program:

  1. This program needs only 4 students from KMUTT (2 Engineering students and 2 Humanity students from School of Liberal Arts or GMI).
  2. Have a good command in English, especially English for communication.
  3. Have an interested in Japanese culture/language
  4. Be able to work on assignments apart from his/her expertise.
  5. Be able to collaboratively work with others.

Required documents:

  1. CIS application form
  2. Pledge form (3rd page of the application form)
  3. Self-Introduction form
  4. A Passport copy

Deadline for submission of the application documents:

  1. Send all required documents to your department or international affairs office of your faculty/school by May 24, 2019.
  2. Have an interview at room AD 607 on 6th floor of the President’s Office Building on May 30, 2019 

For more information:

Please contact the program coordinator at Tel. 02 470 8428 or or visit CIS introduction video website at