Our Executive Team

Executive Team

The KMUTT Executive Team comprises of a variety of roles, all of which are listed here.

  • Assoc. Prof. Dr. Sakarindr Bhumiratana

  • Dr. Tongchat Hongladaromp

    Chairman of the University Council
  • Assoc.Prof.Dr. Harit Sutabutr

    Vice Chairman of the University Council​
  • Assoc. Prof. Dr. Pibool Hungspreugs

    Advisor to the University
  • Dr. Krissanapong Kirtikara

    Advisor to the University
  • Assoc. Prof. Dr.Kraiwood Kiattikomol

    Advisor to the University
  • Prof. Somchai Chucheepsakul, Ph.D

    Senior advisor to the President
  • Kesra Vamasiri, Ph.D

    Senior advisor to the President
  • Prof. Morakot Tanticharoen, Ph.D

    Senior advisor to the President
  • Prof. Naksitte Coovattanachai, Ph.D

    Senior advisor to the President
  • Mr. Suchart Prerdpring

    Advisor to the President
  • Mr. Visut Damapong

    Advisor to the President
  • Assoc.Prof. Vanida Bhavakul, Ph.D

    Advisor to the President
  • Assoc.Prof.Dr. Booncharoen Sirinaovakul

    Advisor to the President
  • Asst. Prof. Supanee lerttriluck

    Advisor to the President
  • Mr. Niruj Maneepan

    Advisor to the President for Law
  • Mr. Pawarot Panichpathom

    Advisor to the President for Law
  • Mr. Ophat Kheovichai

    Advisor to the President for Human Resource Management
  • Assoc. Prof. Dr. Suvit Tia

    Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs
  • Asst. Prof. Dr. Prasert Kanthamanon

    Senior Vice President for Administrative Affairs/ Chief information officer
  • Assoc. Prof. Dr. Bundit Fungtammasan

    Senior Vice President for Research and Innovation
  • Assoc. Prof. Dr. Solot Suwanayuen

    Vice President Bangkhuntien
  • Assoc. Prof. Dr. Somchai Chanchaona

    Vice President Ratchaburi
  • Assoc. Prof. Bundit Thipakorn

    Vice President for Education Development​
  • Mr. Thanitsorn Chirapornchai

    Vice President for Planning and Information
  • Asst. Prof. Sumet Angkasirikul

    Vice President for Human Resources
  • Assoc. Prof. Dr.Chaowalit Limmaneevichitr

    Vice President for Student Development
  • Asst. Prof. Dr. Tippawan Pinvanichkul

    Vice President for Property and Finance
  • Asst. Prof.Dr. Montira Nopharatana

    Vice President for Industry and Partnerships
  • Dr. Nandh Thavarungkul

    Vice President for Quality Assurance
  • Kanyawim Kirtikara, Ph.D.

    Vice President for Research Strategy
  • Assoc.Prof.Dr. Pornapit Darasawang

    Vice President for Internationalization
  • Todsaporn Thongthieng, Ph.DAssistant to the President in Charge of Ratchaburi Campus
  • Asst. Prof. Anak Khantachawana, Ph.DAssistant to the President for Internationalization
  • Dr. Hong-ming KuAssistant to the President for Internationalization
  • Wimolsiri Pridasawas, Ph.DAssistant to the President for Education Development
  • Klangjai Sithitavorn, Ph.DAssistant to the President for Education Development
  • Ms. Wassana SiangdungAssistant to the President for Academic Affairs
  • Ms. Wilaiwan ViputhanupongAssistant to the President for Alumni Relation
  • Nakorn Srisukhumbowornchai, Ph.DAssistant to the President for Quality Assurance
  • Asst. Prof. Preecha Termsuksawad, Ph.DAssistant to the President for Quality Assurance
  • Assoc.Prof.Dr. Supapon CheevadhanarakAssistant to the President for Research Promotion
  • Budsakayt Intarapasan, Ph.D.Assistant to the President for Student Development
  • Paisarn Sonthikorn, Ph.D.Assistant to the President for University Council Affairs and Good Governance
  • ​Ms.Tarntip LiuchalermvongsAssistant to the President for​ Human Resources
  • Asst.Prof.Dr. Drew KoolpirukAssistant to the President for​ Corporate Image and Marketing
  • Mrs. Dutduan JarukakulAssistant to the President for​ Strategic Communications
  • Assoc.Prof.Dr. Tiranee AchalakulAssistant to the President for​ Innovation and Partnership
  • Asst.Prof.Dr. Panuthat BoonpramukAssistant to the President for​ System Development
  • Asst.Prof.Dr. Marong PhadoongsidhiAssistant to the President for​ Property and Finance
  • Asst.Prof.Dr. Santi CharoenpornpattanaAssistant to the President for​ Property and Finance
  • Dr. Chanen MunkongAssistant to the President for​ Academice Affairs
  • Asst.Prof.Dr. Kittidech  SantichaianantDean of Faculty of Industrial Education and Technology
  • Assoc. Prof. Boosya BunnagDean of School of Bioresources and Technology
  • Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nipon CharoenkitkarnDean of School of Information Technology
  • Assoc.Prof.Dr.  Apichit TherdyothinDean of School of Energy, Environment, and Materials
  • Asst.Prof.Dr. Thiradet JiarasuksakunDean of Faculty of Science
  • Prof. Dr. ​Chai ​Jaturapitakkul​Dean of Faculty of Engineering​
  • Asst.Prof.Dr. Sasitorn SuwannathepDean of School of Liberal Art
  • Mr. Michael Paripol TangtrongchitDean of School of Architecture and Design
  • Asst.Prof.Dr. Vorapoch AngkasithDean of Graduate School of Management and Innovation
  • Asst.Prof.Dr. Sakol TeeravarunyouDirector of Learning Institute
  • Dr. Annop NopharatanaDirector of Pilot Plant Development and Training Institute​​
  • Assoc.Prof.Dr. Siam CharoenseangDirector of Institute of Field Robotics
  • Mr. Wichai EamsinvattanaDirector of Computer Center
  • Asst. Prof. Nithi BuranajantDirector of Institute for Scientific and Technological Research and Services
  • Mr. Pichai KositpanthavongDirector of KMUTT Library
  • Asst.Prof.Dr. Sansanalak RachdawongDirector of Industrial Park Center
  • Mr. Praphon RuengvuthchanaphuechDirector of Building and Grounds Management Institute
  • Mr. Paron Israsena Na Ayuthaya (Independent Office)Director of Darunsikkhalai School
  • Assoc. Prof. Sirintornthep Towprayoon (Independent Office)Director of The Joint Graduate School of Energy and Environment
  • Ms. Parinda Jermjatuphol (Independent Office)​Director of Residence Hall
  • Mrs. Pranee Kongsakorn (Independent Office)​Director of KMUTT Book Center
  • Assoc.Prof.Dr. Ake Chaisawadi (Independent Office)Director of Center on Industrial Instrument Calibration
  • Ms. Sasima Juwasophi (Office of the President)Director of International Affairs Office
  • Mr. Somporn Noiyano (Office of the President)Director of Student Affairs Office
  • Dr. Teraporn Chaiaroondekul (Office of the President)Acting Director of Admission and Recruitment Office
  • Ms. Samruay Thew (Office of the President)Acting Director of Treasury Office
  • Mr. Pichai KositpanthavongActing Director, Procurement and Asset Management Office
  • Ms. Suwanna Jemkitjavarote (Office of the President)Director of Registra's Office
  • Mrs. Darisa Saipluemchit (Office of the President)Acting Director of University Counsel Office
  • On Selection ProcessDirector of Quality Assurance Office
  • Dr. Surat Chumjit (Office of the President)Director of Educational Development and Services Office
  • Mr. Suwichai Srestasathiern (Office of the President)Director of University Relations Office
  • Dr. Wanna Temsiripoj (Office of the President)Director of Strategy Office
  • Ms. Chantana Putaraporn (Office of the President)Director of Human Resources Management Office
  • Mrs. Pichsinee Sunthornvorn ​(Office of the President)​​Acting ​Director of Human Resources Development Office​
  • Ms. Visa Sae-tia (Office of the President)Director of University Secretariat Office
  • Assist. Prof. Suchada Chaisawadi (Office of the President)Director, Energy Environment Safety and Health
  • Dr. Phongsri WaysarachActing Director of Research, Innovation and Partnerships Office