Our Annual Ceremony

Vision, Mission, & Resolution

While Mission is who we are and what we do, Vision is what we aim to be. And Resolution determines the purpose of our existence.


  • Committed to the Search for Knowledge
  • Determined to be at the Forefront of Technology and Research
  • Maintaining the Development of Accomplished and Proficient Graduates
  • Endeavouring for Success and Honour for Our Community
  • Striving to Become a World-Class University


  • to develop its personnel to be capable of learning, and to develop its students to be the best academically, to have virtue, morality and work ethics,
  • to develop the educational systems, educational quality assurance systems, learning systems and continuous quality management systems, and
  • to conduct research and to utilize the findings to formulate knowledge and develop the Thai community


King Mongkut’s University of Technology Thonburi was founded as a research university serving as both educational park and industrial park.  KMUTT currently produces qualified graduates and skillful human resources with strong quality and morality ground.  The university actively involves in research and development as well as provides quality academic services contributing to enhancement of economy and quality of life.

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