Our International Students

How to Apply

How to Apply

Thank you for interest in applying to KMUTT. Before entering into our university’s international academic, culture and experience — You need to apply KMUTT. The following steps explain all you need to know when applying for admission to KMUTT.

Step One – Checking the admission information and completing the online application form

Admission Calendar

Admission Calendar 1/2017

Admission Calendar 1/2017

Admission Calendar 2/2017

Entry Requirements

1. Equivalency Qualifications  (For Undergraduate only)

  • In order to make a competitive application to KMUTT, students should have already achieved, or expect to obtain one of the following qualifications with the grades shown, or another equivalence. Please check your equivalent qualification from our international list.
  • If your qualification is not listed, please contact the Bureau of Education Testing, Ministry of Education, Thailand please view required documents and contact information. Click here

For Applicants from the Union of Myanmar, the following is required:

  • Completion of high school or equivalent, consider any one of the following:
    • High School Completion Certificate or equivalent, or Maine High School Equivalency Diploma and official transcript of GED Tests, or other documents accredited by the Ministry of Education or
    • Matriculation Examination Pass Certificate and “O” Level Pass Certificate or
    • Matriculation Examination Pass Certificate and transcript of the first academic year in an undergraduate degree from an acknowledged university

2. English Language Requirement (For All Level)

Decide on the program(s) you wish to study

Applicants should have decided the program you would like to have further education. Please click here to see all of the international program list.

Complete all relevant sections

Applicants should have checked the following list for all the relevant documents and attach certified true copies of all required academic documents

Submit the completed online application form

Applicants can access the following links to apply the online application and upload all the academic documents.

If your application is lost or damaged and you want to print it out the application form. Please use your passport No. to get access through the online system. click here Print Application form (For Undergraduate and Postgraduate)

Contact Office : Admissions and Recruitment Office (admission@kmutt.ac.th)

Step Two – Selection process

The university will review your applications. There are 3 main areas that we look at – standardized test results, your attitudes and performance, and physical examination. In addition, working experience for graduate level candidates may be on request. 

Moreover, some programs will accept applications directly. They have set their own specific rules and requirements for admission according to their programs. This process may take up to 4 – 8 weeks* to review all of your background knowledge.

Contact Office : Admissions and Recruitment Office (admission@kmutt.ac.th)

* Excluding:

  • Faculty of Engineering
  • School of Liberal Arts
  • School of Architecture and Design

Step Three – Wait for an announcement / a response

The university will response via email, and successful international applicants will receive a Letter of Acceptance (LOA) which will be printed on the official letterhead of the university and signed by an officially authorized person from the University. The letter will provide information on the field of study, the name of school/ faculty, the duration of study, a certain commencing date and other important details. It will take up to 2 weeks to be delivered to your address.

Contact Office : Admissions and Recruitment Office (admission@kmutt.ac.th)

Step Four – Applying for a Student Visa

With the Letter of Acceptance, a photocopy of your passport (which must be valid for at least 6 more months), recent passport-size photographs, and other required documents, you can apply for your student visa at a Royal Thai Embassy or Consulate in your country. Apparently, you should be granted a non-immigrant: education class or Non-ED, which is the right type of visa for study purpose

More details about the visa application, please visit www.mfa.go.th.

Contact Office : International Affairs Office (int.off@kmutt.ac.th)

Step Five – Your first arrival

Once you have arrived, you should go to the International Affairs (IA), the 6th floor, the Office of the President Building, Bangmod Campus as soon as you can. Alternatively, the university can provide an airport pick up upon request. IA Staff will be able to assist you with a necessary settle down, currency exchange, the Orientation Program, and where you should go for your enrollment session including open a bank account.

All international students are expected to participate in the University’s Orientation Program which usually occurs at least two weeks before classes begin. The Orientation Program for newly arrived international students has been purposefully designed and included general information on enrollment, visa management, campus facilities, public transport, shopping, recreational activities, and other social functions.

Contact Office: International Affairs Office (int.off@kmutt.ac.th)

Step Six – Arranging accommodation

The University strongly suggests that you should stay in KMUTT Dormitory (on-campus) or our network accommodation (off campus) for your convenience. It’s better to make a reservation before arrival.

Meanwhile, you may probably need to arrange temporary accommodation at Heliconia House in KMUTT. If you choose to do this, we recommend that you should arrive KMUTT before the orientation session. This will help to give you enough time to ‘house hunt’ and settle down before your university life starts.

Contact Office: International Affairs Office (int.off@kmutt.ac.th)

Step Seven – Enrollment

Regarding to the university’s rules, all new students have to enroll in order to confirm that they will study at KMUTT. This procedure is administered by the Registrar’s Office. You can get more information on orientation day.

Remark: A physical examination is required before registration.

Contact Office: Registrar’s Office (regist@kmutt.ac.th)