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Information about services for students, including enrolments results, fees.

Enrollment & Registration

The enrollment and the registration will be completed, after students whose eligible have paid full amount of tuition fees, through the payment channel by the due date. If students fail to make a payment by the time indicated on the academic calendar that will result in cancellation of course registration for that semester.

Moreover, the enrolment subject details for each program have to approve by an advisor.

Students must enroll the subjects according to number of credit allow of each semester as below:

SemesterBachelor’s degreeMaster’s degreeDoctoral degree
The 1st and 2nd semester12-19 credits6-15 credits6-15 credits
Summer sessionNot over than 9 creditsNot over than 6 creditsNot over than 6 credits


Semester Bachelor’s degree Master’s degree Doctoral degree

The 1st and 2nd semester 12-19 credits 6-15 credits 6-15 credits
Summer session Not over than 9 credits Not over than 6 credits Not over than 6 credits. There are 2 registration methods; at the university and via Internet & Telebank system as follows:

Method 1
New students entering the university for the first time in first semester are required to register manually at the university themselves.

Method 2
Current students are able to register their enrolment via Internet and Telebank systems only.

Meanwhile, late registration, adding, dropping, withdrawing, changing group and changing subject can be operated.

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Main contact

Registration and Evaluation Division
Phone: +66 2470 8147 – 8151, +66 2470 8352
Fax: +66 2470 8353
E-mail: regist@kmutt.ac.th
Website: http://regis.kmutt.ac.th

Graduate Affairs
Phone: +66 2470 8154, +66 2470 8334, +66 2470 8340 – 8341
Fax: +66 2470 8343
E-mail: rongrit.wan@kmutt.ac.th
Website: http://www.kmutt.ac.th/organization/gradio