KMUTT International Students

International Admission

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Tuition Fees

As Ministry of Education has policy for the Office of the Higher Education Commission to establish a research promotion project in higher education institution and encourage the development of National Research University, KMUTT has been selected to be one of the national research universities.  In order to increase research capability, promote research achievements, and create internationalization, KMUTT has allowed international students to pay tuition fees in the rate of Thai students in each curriculum starting from academic year 2016 to academic year 2018 as per the following details.

***Actual tuition, fees, and charges are subject to change by the regents of the KMUTT.***

Estimated Monthly Living Expenses

Accommodation  Detail more20$ – 200$
Meals100$ – 150$
Transport, Book, Personal Expenses100$ – 300$
Total200$ – 650$


Bachelor’s Degree 

ProgramsFacultyTuition Fee (Bath)Tuition Fee (USD)
Interior ArchitectureSoA+D820,00023,429
Industrial DesignSoA+D656,00018,743
Communication DesignSoA+D656,00018,743
Chemical EngineeringFoE**448,00014,576
Civil EngineeringFoE428,00013,925
Computer EngineeringFoE448,00014,576
Automation EngineeringFoE448,00014,576
Electrical Communication and Electronic EngineeringFoE448,00014,576
Environmental EngineeringFoE448,00014,576
Computer ScienceSIT***340,80011,088



SoA+D* School of Architecture and Design

FoE** Faculty of Engineering

SIT*** School of Information Technology

Master’s Degree  

ProgramsFacultyTuition Fee (Bath)Tuition Fee (USD)
Applied Linguistics (English Language Teaching) SoLA*102,9003,348
Applied Linguistics (English Language Teaching) Weekend Program SoLA152,4004,958
English for Professional and International Communication SoLA165,9005,398
Bioinformatics and Systems BiologySBT+SIT**106,9003,478
Postharvest TechnologySBT128,9004,194
Automotive EngineeringFoE****245,4007,984
Computer EngineeringFoE157,9005,137
Electrical and Information Engineering (Evening Program)FoE195,9006,374
Design and PlanningSoA+D*****355,40011,563
Energy TechnologyJGSEE******240,0007,808
Energy Technology and ManagementJGSEE246,0008,004
Environmental TechnologyJGSEE240,0007,808
Environmental Technology and   ManagementJGSEE246,0008,004
Nanoscience and NanotechnologyFSCI150,0004,200


SoLA* School of Liberal Arts

SIT** School of Information Technology

SBT*** School of Bioresources and Technology

FoE**** Faculty of Engineering

SoA+D***** School of Architecture and Design

JGSEE****** Joint Graduate School of Energy and Environment

Doctor’s Degree 

ProgramsFacultyTuition Fee
Tuition Fee
Applied LinguisticsSoLA* 304,1009,894
Postharvest TechnologySBT228,3007,428
Computer ScienceSIT***333,60010,854
Information TechnologySIT333,60010,854
Electrical and Computer EngineeringFoE****384,30012,503
Energy Technology

Environmental Technology







Nanoscience and NanotechnologyFSCI******350,00011,000


SoLA*  School of Liberal Arts

SBT** School of Bioresources and Technology

SIT*** School of Information and Technology

FoE**** Faculty of Engineering

JGSEE***** Joint Graduate School of Energy and Environment

FSCI****** Faculty of Science