A Semester Exchange at UM ( University of Malaya)Posted on September 21, 2017

A Semester Exchange at UM

( University of Malaya)

Place:     Malaysia

Period:   Second semester: (February – July 2018)

Courses available:

  • Engineering
  • Computer Science and Information Technology
  • Science


See more details: http://isc.um.edu.my/exchange/inbound

How to apply:

  1. Be qualified under Host University’s requirements.
  2. Basically choose courses you plan to attend.
  3. Consult your advisor for a study plan and a possibility of credit transfer.
  4. Complete and submit a “KMUTT Student Exchange Application Form’ including a set of application materials to the Office of International Affairs (IA) pass through an approval from your advisor/ Head of Department and/or relating offices.
  5. Wait for a result of nomination. If accepted, complete an online application here: https://e-inbound.um.edu.my by 30th October 2017.

Guideline for application: attachment file

Due date of application submission to IA:    Monday 2ndOctober 2017 before 12.00 hrs.

Interview Date: Monday 9thOctober 2017 (Afternoon Session)

For more information: Contact IA, the 6th floor, the Office of the President Building, KMUTT.



Students have a responsibility to carefully learn more details includingcomplete and prepare all required documents by themselves.