Exchanges & Partnerships

Establishing a Partnership

There are many pathways to develop relationships with King Mongkut’s University of Technology Thonburi. Many of our successful partnerships develop from faculty relationships that begin with an interaction and/or a joint research project and grow into a more formal partnership that may encompass additional activities such as student exchange, expanded joint research, and scholarship.

Each relationship will have a unique form and likely pursue a unique purpose or goal, inspired by the people involved. Goals may include student exchange, faculty exchange, joint research, short-term scholarly visits or internships, or additional activities. It is important when exploring a partnership, to develop clear goals. In order to achieve this, the developing relationship is dependent upon the signing of an official document indicating that the institution has a formal relationship with King Mongkut’s University of Technology Thonburi.

In some of the cases, the partnership may require a commitment of University resources beyond faculty or staff time. It is important that KMUTT’s Office of International Affairs consults with the Legal Department to ensure that the University does not inappropriately enter into an agreement that it cannot uphold. A document may seem to be a mere formality but may in fact, commit the University to some process or payment that is impossible to fulfill.

Most of our partnerships are established and maintained at the University Level, while some are just in the Faculty Level.

Our prospective partner willing to collaborate with us can fill-up the “Prospective Partner Form“and send us the filled up form.

Agreement Templates

To ensure compliance with University policies and procedures, the Office of International Affairs has developed two templates to address the most frequent needs:

  • Agreement for Academic Cooperation/ Memorandum of Understanding (MoU KMUTT)
  • Agreement on Staff and Student Exchange/ Memorandum of Agreement (exchange agreement KMUTT)

These templates are intended as guidelines and can be altered with approval from our Legal Department. Outlining program details should be added as a schedule to the agreement. We can also take into consideration, with the approval from our Legal Department, the partner university’s proposed templates, if the partner wishes so.