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With our knowledge, expertise, skills and good networking, we’ve established the bonds of partnership with the universities listed below.

International engagement

International engagement has strongly enlarged during many last decades owing to rapid developments in scientific communication, economic, politic and education terms also influence international collaboration links among countries.
As honored to be a member of International Associations, KMUTT has been significantly supported and promoted the university’s benchmark performance. Human resources and students are also bestowed an opportunity to enhance their sustainable potential. It brings about great reputation in an international level to KMUTT.
AIMS: ASEAN International Mobility for Students
– APHERP: Asia Pacific Higher Education Research Partnership
– ASAIHL: The Association of South East Asian Institutions of Higher Learning
– ASEA-UNINET: Asian – European University Network
– AUAP: Association of Universities of Asia and the Pacific
– IAUP: International Association of University President

Partner Institutions
In education term, KMUTT as an institution of and , has signed the academic agreement with almost 130 universities/ institutes abroad with the objective of promoting cooperation in the fields of education and academic research. The activities under the agreement are such as collaborative research, lectures, symposiums, the exchange of information and materials, researchers as well as undergraduate and graduate students, etc.

MoU list


Name Student Exchange Student Abroad Program Staff Exchange Academic / Research Collaboration