Civil Engineering

Here is a list of courses mainly provided in the first semester; the 1st week of August to the 2nd week of December.

Civil Engineering

CVE 111 Engineering Drawing
CVE 221 Surveying
CVE 223 Surveying Practices
CVE 232 Engineering Mechanics 2
CVE 233 Mechanics of Materials
CVE 311 Engineering Management
CVE 335 Cement and Concrete Materials
CVE 338 Structural Analysis 2
CVE 362 Soil Mechanics
CVE 363 Soil Mechanics Laboratory
CVE 385 Hydrology
CVE 401 Engineering Project Proposal 1
CVE 414 Construction Estimating and Specifications
CVE 415 Construction Management


And, here is a list of courses mainly provided in the second semester; the 1st week of January to the 3rd week of May. A two-week break in April will be a good chance to enjoy our well-known Songkran Festival.


CVE 100 Computer Programming for Civil Engineering (move to 2nd semester)


CVE 131 Engineering Mechanics 1
CVE 224 Surveying Project
CVE 236 Civil Engineering Materials
CVE 237 Structural Analysis 1
CVE 240 Applied Mathematics for Civil Engineers
CVE 261 Engineering Geology
CVE 281 Fluid Mechanics
CVE 341 Steel and Timber Designs
CVE 342 Reinforced Concrete Designs
CVE 364 Foundation Engineering
CVE 371 Highway Engineering
CVE 382 Hydraulic Engineering
CVE 394 Hydraulic Laboratory
CVE 402 Civil Engineering Project


Apart from 3 strength academic programs above, Fundamental Courses and General Education Courses are also available to concretize knowledge and to develop social knowledge and understanding.

CHM 103 Fundamental Chemistry
CHM 160 Chemistry Laboratory
MTH 101 Mathematics 1
MTH 102 Mathematics 2
MTH 201 Mathematics 3
MTH 303 Numerical Methods
PHY 103 General Physics for Engineering Students  I
PHY 104 General Physics for Engineering Students 2
PHY 191 General Physics Laboratory I
PHY 192 General Physics Laboratory 2
Gen 101 Physical Education
Gen 111 Man and Ethics of Living
Gen 121 Learning and Problems Solving Skills
Gen 231 Miracle of Thinking
Gen 241 Beauty of Life
Gen 341 Thai Indigenous Knowledge
Gen 351 Modern Management and Leadership
LNG 105 Academic English for International Students
LNG 106 Academic Listening and Speaking
LNG 107 Academic Reading and Writing
LNG 108 Content Based Language Learning
LNG 211 Effective Listening
LNG 212 Oral Presentation Skills
LNG 213 Laboratory Report Writing
LNG 297 Survival Thai for Foreign Students
LNG 298 Reading Thai for Foreign Students
LNG 299 Conversational Thai for Foreign Students
LNG 411 English for Employment