Campus Facilities

Know your *environment*.

Local Environment

KMUTT Bangmod

Sports and Recreation
To relax with open fresh air place, you can enjoy and make friends with local people at

Bangkok Metropolitan Youth Center
Location: the opposite of the back entrance gate
Activities: indoor-outdoor sports, exercises, jogging, swimming and children’s playground

Thonburirom Park
Location: the right side of the back entrance gate
Activities: exercises, jogging, picnic, etc.
Service hours: 05.00-20.00 everyday

Tourist Attractions

Not very far from KMUTT, there are many Thai retro places to visit i.e.

Bang Pu Seaside Resort Photo by Saravut Eksuwan

Phra Chulachomklao Fortress
This fortress is an important historic place and also a navy museum. There has been an exhibition of Muang Paknam history. Also, the Royal Thai Navy had established the Thai warship museum. The Royal Mae Glong, sixty-year old warship had been preserved for exhibiting outdoor on the purpose of studying history, education and pleasure.

Phra Samut Chedi
This is also a historic and important sacred place. It is a symbol of Samut Prakan Province. The Pagoda is popularly called by people “Phra Chedi Klang Nam”. At present, it is no longer an island as in the past. In every fifth wanning moon day of the eleventh lunar month, people pay homage to the Pagoda and celebrate.

The Ancient City
This place is a kind of folk arts and culture center, located in the vicinity of Tambon Bang Pu Mai, Amphoe Muang Samut Prakan at km 33. It covers an area of approximately 500 rai. This place features replicas of important and famous places of worship in each province. Some of these replicas are miniaturized and some are of life-size.

Crocodile Farm
It is located in the vicinity of Tambon Thaiban, Amphoe Muang Samut Prakan. It is claimed to be the crocodile farm which raises different species of crocodile more than 40,000. Besides crocodiles of all ages, there are also a zoological and flower garden scattered in the area of 400 rai.  Crocodile catching and elephant show are demonstrated everyday. In addition, visitors will enjoy seeing other wild animals.

Bang Pu Seaside Resort
This resort is well-known for a long time. From November to the end of February, the Seagull, evacuated from other lands for seeking their food, can be seen in the evening pleasant scenery. There are many restaurants surrounded for dining.



  • Krung Thai Bank, Suksawad branch  Tel. 0-2468-6860-1, 0-2468-6864
  • Krung Thai Bank, KMUTT branch Tel. 0-24288813-4
  • Bangkok Bank, KMUTT branch Tel. 0-24278675-7
  • Bangkok Bank, Pracha-utit branch Tel. 0-2428-4001, 0-2427-9169
  • Bangkok Bank, Ratburana branch Tel. 0-2427-0130-2, 0-2427-9169
  • Siam Commercial Bank, KMUTT branch Tel. 0-24278922-3
  • Siam Commercial Bank, Suksawad branch  Tel. 0-2428-6548-50
  • Kasikorn Bank, Pracha-utit branch  Tel. 0-2427-1041, 0-2427-1324
  • Sri Ayudhaya Bank, Pracha-utit Branch  Tel. 0-2427-1014, 0-2427-1324

Police Stations

  • Ratburana Police Station, Ratburana Road (close to Big C Supercenter)
    Tel. 0-2428-3994-5
  • Thungkru Police Station, Soi Pracha-utit 76
    Tel.  0-2426-1110

Fire Stations

  • Thungkru Fire Station Tel. 0-2463-5402
  • Daokanong Fire Station Tel. 0-2468-1671

Thungkru District Office

122/673-682, Soi Pracha-utit 91/2 Tel. 0-2426-0761
Post Office (Ratburana)
Pracha-utit Road (opposite to Chetupon Commercial College)
Tel.  0-2427-0360

The Metropolitan Electricity Authority (Ratburana )
Tel. 0-2427-0070, 0-2428-3500

The Metropolitan Waterworks Authority (Ratburana)
Tel. 0-2427-0541, 0-2427-6000

Telephone Authority  of Thailand (Ratburana)
Tel. 0-2428-4242, 0-2428-4235

Government Hospital

  • Somdej Prapinklao Hospital, Taksin Road  Tel. 0-2468-0116-20

Private Hospitals

  • Navamin Hospital,  559 Suksawad Road  Tel. 0-2427-4035, 0-2427-4950
  • Bangpakok Hospital,  Suksawad Road  Tel. 0-2872-1111
  • Ratburana Hospital,  Soi Suksawad 27  Tel. 0-2427-0175-9
  • Krungthon Hospital,  Taksin Road  Tel. 0-2438-4467


  • Jusco Supermarket,  Pracha-utit Road (5 bus stops from KMUTT)
  • Tops Supermarket, (5 bus stops from KMUTT)  Pracha-utit Road
  • Tesco-Lotus Superstore, Suksawat Road
  • Carrefour, Suksawat Road
  • Big C Supercenter, Ratburana Road

Bangkhuntien Campus

  • Tourist Attractions

Since BKT campus is located in a seashore area, there are many local ways to discover it yourself.

  • A trip to the sea in Bangkok and to Bangkhuntien-Chaythale

Many taxi motorboats are available at the pier of Prachabamrung temple and Khlong Yang Khwai or any restaurants along the roadside. The tourists can take a look at crab-eating macaque, folk life of local villagers, mangrove forest, gulf mouth, and also enjoy eating fresh seafood.

  • Bangkhuntien mangrove forest 

It is located at Moo 9 and 10, Thakham district, not far from the Campus. The natural environment is still preserved. Along the shore, the seagull, hawk, crow can be usually found. The surrounded areas are mangrove forest, brackish water forest. The government urges upon local dwellers the important of the mangrove forest and tries to preserve and replant it as a water source of breeding aquatic animals, ecology tourism and recreation. The contact information is the Land Developing Division, Bangkhuntien District Administration Office. The phone number is 0-24161260, from 8.00 am. to 4.00 pm. on weekday. On weekend and holiday, tourist can get the information at the pier of Prachabamrung temple.

  • Seaside restaurant

Along both sides of the Bangkhuntien-Chaythale road, there has been fresh seafood for selling and famous restaurant for delicious and cheap seafood dishes. The most five well-known restaurants are Sawang Sea Food, Sabieng Boat, Lung Tham kitchen, Nong Naei House and Ruengrit Sea Food. The detail of these restaurants are shown at

  • Folk Wisdom Museum 

The collection of working tools for earning life of the Bangkokians during the King Rama Fourth and fifth are openly shown. There are also different kinds of tools, their articles in daily use and the model of how to make a salt farm. The mangrove museum which shows about the natural environment and the way of folk life opens daily from 8.00 am to 4.30 p.m. close on weekend and auspicious days. There is no fee for entrance. The phone number for other information is

  • Mon-Bangkradi Center of Culture and Folk Arts

It is established by the community and villagers who want to preserve Mon culture and folk arts. The Center is located at the house of the head of village, in Bangkradi community. The Museum is built in folk style. Many tools and articles in daily use are exhibited here. The other information can be obtained at Community Developing Division of Bangkhuntien District Administration Office. The phone number is 0-2416-1260

  • Offices

Police Stations

KMUTT Bangkhuntien is located in the precinct of Tientalay Metropolitan Police Station, Tambon Thakham, Bangkhuntien-Chaitalay road.The direct phone number for contacting the Police Station is 0-2897-3271-9. The patrolmen come to the Campus for checking and join the security guard of the University twice a day. In case of emergency, the hotline phone number of the University can be connected directly to the emergency call center of the Tientalay Metropolitan Police Station.

Bangkhuntien District Administration Office

Bangkhuntien District Administration Office is located on Rama II road which links between the boundary of Bangkok and Samutsakorn Province. The Bangkhuntien District Administration Office is approximately 16 kilometers far from the Campus. Phone number is 0-2416-5406, 0-2416-1260

Post Office

KMUTT Bangkhuntien still posts through KMUTT Ratburana. The carrier will bring letters, parcels and others to KMUTT Ratburana every day. The phone number of Ratburana Post Office is 0-2427-2716, 427-7187 and 427-3603.  The phone number of Bangkhuntien Post Office is 0-2415-2674

Metropolitan Electricity Authority

There has been an electricity substation located in KMUTT Bangkhuntien for offering service to the University and the neighboring community. The phone number of the station that is available in case of need is 0-2470-9757 and 1130 for the Metropolitan Electricity Authority.

Metropolitan Waterworks Authority

The water supply in KMUTT Bangkhuntien is based on Taksin Water Supply. In case of need, the contact phone number is 0-2427-6000 and 0-2223-0040-42 for Metropolitan Waterworks Authority.

Telephone Service Office

KMUTT Bangkhuntien have 20 direct lines, dialed by 0-2452-3450, 452-3460, facsimile number is 0-2452-3455. The internal lines are about 200 numbers, which can be connected to KMUTT Ratburana directly and it’s toll free.

The public telephones were set up on every floor of the building, both inside and outside. In case of need, the user can dial 17 first and then the misfunctioned phone number. If other services are needed, call the Telephone Office of Ratburana at 0-2428-4241-4.


The nearest bank is Thai Farmer Bank, Rama II branch. The available phone number is 0-2894-0270-4. And the Bangkok Bank, Rama II branch is far from KMUTT Bangkhuntien about 12 kilometers.


In case of emergency or accident, the three nearest hospitals which we could contact urgently are Rama II hospital, Nakornthon hospital and Bangmod hospital. The ambulances of these three hospitals will stand by and arrive the Campus promptly in case of emergency. These hospitals are approximately 8 kilometers from KMUTT Bangkhuntien . The location and phone numbers are:

  • Rama II hospital, 78/1 Rama II road, Samaedam district, Amphur Bangkhuntien, Bangkok 10150  Tel. 0-2451-4920 Fax. 0-2451-4599
  • Nakornthon hospital, 49 Rama II road (Thonburi-Paktho km.6), Amphur Bangkhuntien, Bangkok 10150   Tel. 0-2416-5454
  • Bangmod hospital, Rama II road (Thonburi-Paktho km.6), Amphur Bangkhuntien, Bangkok 10150  Tel. 0-2416-0049


Wat Prachabamrung and Kaewkhamtab Uppatham,approximately 1 kilometer, are the nearest elementary schools. Taweethapisek is the nearest secondary school. Its location is about 6 kilometers from the University.

Fire Station

The telephone number of the Bangkhuntien fire station is 0-24157810-1. In case of fire or emergency, the direct phone number is 199.

Department Store/Shopping Mall

There are many department stores which are about 10 -15 kilometers far from the University such as Tesco-Lotus, Carrefour, Central Department Store, Home-Pro and Big C. Many shops and restaurants, including food center, mini- theatre and banks are available inside.