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The Research Operations Office offers expert guidance in securing and administering sponsored research funding for our academics, administrators and sponsors, working together today to enable world class research tomorrow.

Research Services

As one of the university’ missions, research has been highly regarded. Not only research scholarships have been subsidized, but also all publications aiming at strengthening the mission as a well-known research university would be encouraged in various ways as follows:

  1. Academic publication
    1.1 Giving an oral presentation at an international conference
    1.2 Giving a poster presentation at an international conference
    1.3 Having a research paper published in an international journal
  2. Provision of public equipment for research support
  3. Service of language proofreading for papers published internationally
  4. Provision of reward of awarded know-how
  5. Permission of the protection of the intellectual property

Additionally, for sake of researchers and staff of both private and public sectors whose duties are to investigate, study or research in fields or areas related to science, technology and social science, the “KMUTT Research and Development Journal” has been published to introduce various research progresses and development under both the university and other educational institutes. This is to open to the public research articles, review articles, and progress reports on a particular field of study. The journal has been published annually and quarterly; March, June, September and December. All publications have been also shared and distributed to all related libraries of universities and institutes.

Conferences, workshops and seminars have been also conducted all year round for knowledge improvement and supports on research skills and intellectual properties.

In addition, research and intellectual property database, and instrument database system are available. They are kinds of intranet systems accessed by all university staff for data search of related research and intellectual properties.


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