Final Exam Result is Now Here!

Student Administration

This page displays the results that have been released. Please note that staff at the Examination Schools are not permitted to give out results over the telephone and can not advise when results will be available.

Examination Results

There are 2 times of examination; mid-term examination and final examination which the achievement of each course will be recorded as letter grade symbols achieved by credit points. However, lecturers may set up their own dates of examination without any notice in a classroom timetable. In addition, the dates of examination of some subjects may be changed upon such announcement.

A list of examinees will be announced 1 week in advance before examination. Students should check their rights. In case that they are not in the list or still are in the list after a withdrawal, they must inform the university before the examination period.

The university will announce examination results approximately within 3 weeks after each examination ends. Students who are in debts to the university or do not evaluate their lecturers may not see their study results. Students should contact with related office (neither Treasury Division nor Academic Service Division).

Students can alternatively find out the examination results via internet on Students Information System page. In addition, the university will send the examination results via SMS. In case of a change of mobile number, please inform the Computer Center.

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