Graduation Day

Student Administration

Our award ceremonies are the biggest highlight of the university year, and provide an excellent opportunity for you to celebrate your academic achievement along with your family and friends.


Students will be approved to receive a certificate or a degree from the university as if they complete the following requirements; depending on their level of study.

  • Complete all coursework by the program requirements with a specified GPA and/or,
  • Present and pass thesis and/or,
  • Pass a foreign language and/or,
  • Pass an oral examination and/or,
  • Pass a comprehensive examination and/or,
  • Have other publications and/or,
  • Pass a qualifying examination and/or,
  • Have Code and Honor following to the Regulation of the university and/or,
  • Do not be in debts to the university.

The students whose their degree have approved from university council, and would like to attend a graduation ceremony are required to submit a graduation form before closing date by university announcement. The students whose fail to follow and not submit a request for graduation by the date announcement are not eligible to attend a graduation ceremony.  The university will post out a graduation ceremony schedule to student to the address that given to university and student responsibility to take a future steps.

The students those have registered for graduation ceremony are eligible to attend a graduation ceremony in a specific semester. All eligible students are required for graduation ceremony rehearsal as a schedule, if they missed any rehearsal that might have an impact on their graduation ceremony revoke.  However, missing rehearsal is acceptable with explained reason in this case student has to submit a request to President of Graduation Division though a Director of Registration and Evaluation Division. The students who unable to attend a graduation ceremony as a schedule announce by university have to request to postpone their graduation ceremony

It is student own rights to choose to not attend a graduation ceremony however, they can request for a degree at Registration and Evaluation Division. The Degree is an important document, student is required to collect it by themselves if any convenient, the representative along with student letter of authorization are required along with a national identification card of representative has to present.

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