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KMUTT offers a collection of resources and services to help students improve their academic performance.

Learning Services

Language Support

KMUTT Self – Access Learning Centre:
KMUTT Self-Access Learning Centre (KMUTT SALC) is on 4th floor, School of Liberal Arts. The aim of the centre is to provide self-access learning services for KMUTT students and all staff who want to practise language skills and take charge of their own learning in the centre, serve the needs of the students who want to practice English skills for their own purposes through many activities such as culture club and counselling services. For more information

My English
My English is an innovative online language learning programme that will help you improve your English quickly and the fun way!  My English is free for students at KMUTT. My English was developed by the Self Access Learning Centre (SALC) in 2006-2007. My English is designed for students to learn independently or with their teacher. Students and staff at KMUTT can get access to hundreds of language learning materials, get help from teachers, find out your level and see your progress,  listen to music and learn English at the same time,  watch a movie and improve your vocabulary, join language learning activities,  and much more. For more information about the services provide, please visit a homepage

Learning tools, services, and resources

Learning space
Since 2005, it has been KMUTT’s mission to increase our focus on the design of teaching and learning spaces that better support and promote the unique learning styles of our students. A key result of such initiative has been the creation of various information commons and collaborative spaces to foster a climate of learning development aligned with KMUTT’s mission. Focusing on learning, new classrooms are recently designed for active and collaborative learning and we are on continuous effort to improve discipline-specific spaces across campus. Come to experience the state of the arts yourself. For more information on KMUTT learning space initiative, please contact KMUTT Learning Space Team, KMUTT Library

Learning Environment

KMUTT Learning Environment (LE) is a learning system created with an objective of delivering quality and flexibility in KMUTT education. This learning system specially designed to provide a comprehensive online learning environment that augments the traditional learning context. Based on the concept of outcome based education, LE provide  a unified point of access to a complete suite of web-based learning resources, materials, activities, tools and other related support services allowing for 24/7 learning engagement and graduate quality monitoring for all members of KMUTT learning community*. For more information*