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All KMUTT students can study abroad through a student exchange Programs!!

KMUTT has signed the Academic Agreement with over than 130 universities/ institutes abroad with the objective of promoting cooperation in the fields of education and academic research. The activities under the Agreement are such as collaborative research, lectures, symposiums, the exchange of information and materials, researchers as well as undergraduate and graduate students, etc.

The student exchange program is a unique opportunity to add to the studies in university. Students will experience different knowledge, life and culture. This will benefit students to have better professional life in the future.

As per the Memorandum of Understanding between KMUTT and partner universities/ institutes, exchange students are required to enroll for a minimum of one semester up to one academic year. In addition, they will not be required to pay for tuition fees while studying.

Nowadays, KMUTT welcomes a number of incoming student exchange students from our partner universities/ institutes while keep increasing our outgoing student exchange students to participate in the student exchange program.

The student exchange program is not just about study. Students will build integrative learning skills, multi-cultural competencies, practical knowledge, self-confidence and lifelong friendships with people in different countries.