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KMUTT is strongly committed to the prospect of using our human, teaching, and research assets the its full capacity. We work in close cooperation with the industrial sector, much of which also comes through our close ties to our large alumni network.   We are proactive in developing our corporate presence and have managed to build our strong reputation, making us well-recognized in the industrial sector as a leader in providing quality consultation services and in conducting applied research.

The effective combination of our academic knowledge with our research capability is the key to our strength in providing the learning and problem-solving systems for our instructors, researchers, students, industrial partners, and community. With this vast network, we are able to  works effectively in responding to our community’s technological needs in order to promote growth that will ultimately benefit our nation and the global community. Furthermore, a strong collaboration between University and industry will increase the competence in technology transfer, create reforms, and result in technological innovations. Lastly, the University’s role will be made visible to more parts of the Thai community, expanding our public reputation.

KMUTT and its academic faculties have emphasized and supported the cooperation with its stakeholders in a variety of forms such as collaborative research, research contracts, and research consortiums. Our core tasks have included academic consulting, testing services, academic training, and research and development to solve the problems faced by our industrial partners or community. This also involves the development of learning infrastructure and other resources in remote rural areas of Thailand. We also support several SME and MME businesses in our collaboration programs.

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