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King Mongkut’s University of Technology Thonburi has been announced by the Office of Higher Education Commission (OHEC) to be National Research University (NRU) as the University considers research and development as one of our major missions to create academic excellence and to head towards excellence in technology and research.

Research Strategies in KMUTT’s Overall Image

The goal of Research Productivity is to maintain the balance between Research Excellence which emphasizes research publication and Research Relevance which focuses on meeting the requirements of economics and society.  The University develops research excellence and research relevance mutually as they will reinforce each other with flexible management, a follow-up mechanism on progress and Research Governance.

Research Funds

The University initially established KMUTT Research Funds in the amount of 200 million Baht, including funds for KMUTT’s personnel, which then are supported in great amount every year by KMUTT Research Fund, government budgets and external funds in Thailand and overseas.

Grants for Research Publication

Grants are also provided for lecturers whose academic articles have been published in the international/regional and national journals and presented in the international and national conferences.

Others Factors to Encourage Research in KMUTT

In addition to the funds, the University sets up guidance on nomination for positions of research and services, mentoring system for research lecturers, investment on research supplies, Visiting Professor, Post-doctoral Fellowship, training and seminars on research and intellectual property, KMUTT Research and Development Journal, and celebrations to honor personnel receiving academic awards so as to congratulate and encourage them.

Research Clusters

The University supports research on 7 academic Core Capabilities and assembles the proficient Multidisciplinary Research Cluster to create 5 R&D Clusters to co-operate with 5 national research university clusters in order to increase the potential for research and development in conducting collaborative research projects amongst personnel from different offices, encourage the common use of research resources and enhance research and development work to be highly beneficial to academic activities, society and the country.

Intellectual property

The University always promotes and supports research and invention, as well as registration of intellectual property rights.  The statistics indicate that KMUTT is the university which has not only the highest patents and petty patents per lecture but also substantial copyright notification and technology licensing of our research, invention and intellectual property of the University which have commercial value.

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