Undergraduate Students

Private: Undergraduate Admission (Only Thai applicants)

All you need to know about *undergraduate admission* procedures and an application.

How to Apply

Prospective students interested in applying for KMUTT undergraduate programs can apply online after they choose the type of program they are hoping to study. The following steps will show you what you need to know as well as what happens at each step along the way.

Step One – Completing the online application form

a ) Decide on the program(s) you wish to study and complete the online application form.

b ) Complete all relevant sections of the online application form and attach certified copies of all  academic transcripts and other required documents.
c ) Submit the completed online application form.

Step Two – Selection Process

d ) The university will review your applications by grade ranking system (some programs will accept applications directly. They have set their own specific rules and requirements for admission according to their programs.) The selected applicants have to pay application fees within a specific time and wait for an announcement about written examination date (not for all programme), interview examination date  through  Admission website.

Step Three –  Announcement and Payment of Semester’s Fee

e ) The university will announce a list of successful applicants via Admission website by specific date and time. In order to accept the offer of a place, bachelor’s degree candidates are required to pay one semester’s fee in advance. Once payment and all application documents have been received by the University, the candidates can check their place confirmation through Payment status 

Step Four – Arranging Accommodation

f ) The University strongly suggests that you should stay in KMUTT Dormitory (on-campus) or our network accommodation (off campus) for your convenience. It’s better to make a reservation before arrival.

Step Five – Enrollment

g ) Regarding to the university’s rules, all new students have to enroll in order to confirm that they will study at KMUTT. This procedure is administered by the Registration and Evaluation Division. Please note that you have to take English Placement Test during orientation period before registration.

Remark: A physical examination is required before registration.